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Ford 4F27E FNR5 Transmission Shift Correction Kit by Superior

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Superior Transmission Parts
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 Product Description

Ford 4F27E/FNR5 Transmission Shift Kit

The updated multi-unit kit now covers the 5-speed Ford FNR5 and Mazda FS5A-EL transmissions.  The 4F26E kit includes Superior's patent pending billet 1-2 and neutral drive dual sealing ring accumulator pistons.  This kit also contains one of our patent pending Accumulator Buddy Brushes so no other tools or fixtures are required.  The pistons and brush allow you to reuse previously discarded cases that would not have sealed due to premature ware.  The 4F26E kit also includes new stronger solenoid pressure regulator valve spring to replace the frequently broken stock spring.

Helps to Address

  • Soft shifts and flairs
  • Premature band failure
  • Code P0741 (TCC Slippage)
  • Broken solenoid pressure relief spring
  • Worn or damaged accumulator bores

Superior Transmission Parts Number: K4F27E


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