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Quality Commitment

Every part you receive from Global Transmission Parts meets or exceeds the manufacture's recommended specifications. We sell three types of transmission parts: New, Used OEM and Remanufactured Assemblies.  Each type is slightly different, but all are the highest quality transmission parts available for sale.  This means that you will never receive a transmission part from Global Transmission Parts that is not 100% ready to use in your rebuild.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the parts you receive we will give you a full refund.  Please see our return policy for more information.


New Parts from Leaders in Quality

All new parts sold by Global Transmission Parts are sold by the automotive transmission industries leading manufactures who are committed to manufacturing quality products.  Please see our individual supplier page for more information regarding the quality commitments and product warranties.


Clean / No Defect OEM Parts

All our OEM transmission parts have been cleaned and inspected by trained transmission professionals to ensure the parts you receive will be free from any and all defects.  We scrap any parts that do not adhere to our strict standards.  All parts have been washed in an enviromentally friendly transmission parts washer and are free from all old oils and particulars.  Some of our OEM parts have been remanufactured to ensure you receive the highest level parts.  High rust parts have been treated to ensure quality.


Drop-In-Ready Remanufactured Transmission Assemblies

All of our remanufactured transmission assemblies (valve bodies, pumps, servos, etc.) are drop-in-ready solutions.  They have been remanufactured to meet or exceed industry standards.  This means that the remanufactured transmission assembly you buy from us will be better than the one your car, truck or van originally had from the factory.  Please see each items listing or product category for specific information on the process we use to rebuild that particular assembly.


Feel Free to Contact Us if You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Quality Standards