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Ford 4R100 Transmission Torque Specifications

Ford 4R100 Transmission Torque Specifications

Torque Specs for Ford's 4R100 Transmission 


Description Newton-Meters Foot-Pounds
Center Support Fluid Feed Bolt 11-16 N-m 8-12 ft-lb
Cooler Line to Case Connector 27-33 N-m 20-24 ft-lb
Radiator Nipple Connector 23-31 N-m 17-23 ft-lb
Radiator to Tube Connectors 27-31 N-m 20-23 ft-lb
Radiator to Tube Connectors 24-30 N-m 18-22 ft-lb
Cooler Tube to CB Valve 16-24 N-m 12-18 ft-lb
Auxillary Cooler Tube 11-14 N-m 8-10 ft-lb
Auxillary Cooler Tube 22-30 N-m 16-22 ft-lb
Control Assembly to Pump Bolt 24-31 N-m 18-23 ft-lb
Torque Converter Drain Plug 24-27 N-m 18-20 ft-lb
Flywheel Inspection Cover to 7.3L Engine 18-23 N-m 13-17 ft-lb
Flywheel Inspection Cover (NON 7.3L Engines) 30-39 N-m 22-29 ft-lb
Extension Housing to Case 41-54 N-m 30-40 ft-lb
Transmission Insulator and Retainer to Case Bolt 81-108 N-m 60-80 ft-lb
Maintenance Valve Dentent Lever Spring to Case Bolt 9-11 N-m 6.8-8 ft-lb
Reinforcing Plate to Case Bolt 9-11 N-m 6.6-8 ft-lb
Stator Support to Pump Body Bolt 9-11 N-m 6.6-8 ft-lb
Cooler Bypass Valve to Case Bolt (Inlet) 27-33 N-m 20-24 ft-lb
Cooler Bypass Valve to Case Bolt (Outlet) 33-40 N-m 25-29 ft-lb
Transmission to Engine (NON 7.3L Engines) 41-54 N-m 30-40 ft-lb
Transmission to Engine (7.3L Engines) 52-70 N-m 39-52 ft-lb
Transmission Crossmember to Frame 68-95 N-m 50-70 ft-lb
Vapor Management Valve to Crowl  7.6-10.4 N-m 5.6-7.7 ft-lb
Output Shaft Drive Sprocket Speed Sensor 8-10 N-m 5.9-7.4 ft-lb
Turbine Shaft Sensor  8-10 N-m 5.9-7.4 ft-lb
Coller by Pass Valve Fitting to Case (Front & Rear) 33-40 N-m 24-29 ft-lb
Transmission Insulator & Retainer to Crossmember 81-108 N-m 60-80 ft-lb
Flywheel to Torque Converter 30-41 N-m 22-30 ft-lb
Inner Manual Valve Detent Lever Nut 41-54 N-m 30-40 ft-lb
Low/Reverse OWC Inner Race to Case 24-34 N-m 18-25 ft-lb
Line Pressure to Case Plug 8-16 N-m 6-12 ft-lb
Main & Liower Control Body to Case 9-11 N-m 6.8-8 ft-lb
Main Accumulator & Solenoid Body to Case 9-11 N-m 6.6-8 ft-lb
Digital Transmission Range Sensor 8-10 N-m 5.9-7.4 ft-lb
Interior OD Cylinder Fluid Feed Bolt 8-14 N-m 6-10 ft-lb
Transmission Pan to Case Bolt 14-16 N-m 10-12 ft-lb
Pump Body to Case Bolt 24-31 N-m 18-23 ft-lb
Parking Prawl Abutment to Case 22-27 N-m 16-20 ft-lb
Parking Rod Guide Plate to Case  22-27 N-m 16-19 ft-lb


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