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Ford 4R110 Transmission Tech Info

4R100 Transmission Fluid Fill Capacity

4R100 Transmission Torque Specifications

4R100 Transmission Extension Housings

Ford 5R110W Transmission Tech Info

The 2005 5R110W transmission wiring harness is a direct service replacement for all previous model years.

The 2003-2004 5R110W transmission model years had a hex head forward clutch feed bolt with an orifice plate on top of it.  The 2005 model year uses a Torx head feed bolt with no orifice.

5R110W Transmission Torque Specifications

5R110W Transmission Clutch Pack Clearances & Gear Ratios

5R110W Transmission Line Pressure Test Chart

For Ford Excursion & F-Super Duty Trucks w/ 6.0L Diesel Engines

Ford 5R55N Transmission Tech Info

5R55N Transmission Torque Specifications

Ford E4OD Transmission Tech Info

E4OD Transmission Torque Specifications (1989-1998)

E4OD Transmission Clutch Clearance Specifications (1989-1998)

E4OD Transmission Extension Housing Info

Ford/Mazda CD4E Transmission Tech Info

CD4E Transmission Torque Specifications

CD4E Transmission Cl