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Global Transmission Parts specializes in providing high-performance GM automatic transmission parts.  We service a wide customer base that ranges from professional remanufactures to the casual rebuilder.   

Our Central Ohio and Las Vegas locations gives us the ability to provide one day standard ground parcel service to all of Ohio, most of Indiana and West Virginia, plus parts of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia.  The entire East Coast, Great Plains states and Texas are within standard two day ground shipping of our main facility.

At Global Transmission Parts we are committed to a lean operating philosophy.  This allows us to react quicker to customers needs and gives us the ability to supply them at a lower cost then our larger competitors.   

Our mission to provide customers a superior buying experience combined with our ability to deliver orders quickly and accurately, at an affordable price, makes Global Transmission Parts a leader in the online automatic transmission parts retail market.        

Thank you for visiting our site.  If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could serve you better please do not hesitate to let us know.

We appreciate your business! 

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